Mark Santolucito

I am a Computer Science PhD candidate working on Program Synthesis and Computer Music at Yale, where I am advised by Ruzica Piskac. I develop program synthesis and analysis techniques to provide programmers new ways to interface with code.

Research(invited talks)

Language Learning for Verification of Configuration Files. IST, Portugal (May 2017)

Verifying Configuration Files with Examples. Saarland University (Sept 2016)

Workshop at Monthly Music hackathon at Spotify on Algorithmic Composition with Euterepa (Jan 2015)


Also find this list on on dblp.

Programming-by-Example for Audio: Synthesizing Digital Signal Processing Programs -
Mark Santolucito, Kate Rogers, Aedan Lombardo, Ruzica Piskac -
FARM 2018

Synthesizing Functional Reactive Programs -
Bernd Finkbeiner, Felix Klein, Ruzica Piskac, Mark Santolucito -
In submission

Synthesizing Configuration File Specifications with Association Rule Learning -
Mark Santolucito, Ennan Zhai, Rahul Dhodapkar, Aaron Shim, Ruzica Piskac-

Version space learning for verification on temporal differentials -
Mark Santolucito -
ISSTA 2017

Vehicle Platooning Simulations with Functional Reactive Programming -
Bernd Finkbeiner, Felix Klein, Ruzica Piskac, Mark Santolucito -
SCAV 2017

Probabilistic Automated Language Learning for Configuration Files -
Mark Santolucito, Ennan Zhai, Ruzica Piskac -
CAV 2016

Real-Time Interactive Music in Haskell -
Paul Hudak, Donya Quick, Mark Santolucito, Dan Winograd-Cort -
FARM 2015

Media Modules: Intermedia Systems in a Pure Functional Paradigm -
Mark Santolucito, Donya Quick, Paul Hudak -
ICMC 2015

Communalizing the Interfaces of Single Player Games - (Extended Abstract)
Mark Santolucito, Maria Hwang -
DiGRA 2014

Raid the fridge!: Promoting Healthy Eating Habits Through the Game Monster Appetite (Poster) (Best of Show)
Maria Hwang, Pantiphar Chantes, Mark Santolucito -
GLS10 (2014)

SimQuabbin Project: Game-based Environmental Science Education in a Virtual World - (Poster)
J. Scott Payne, Mark Santolucito -
GLS9 (2013)

Designing a Community to Support Long-term Interest in Programming for Middle School Children -
Kyle J. Harms, Jordana H. Kerr, Mark Santolucito, Terian Koscik, Michelle Ichinco, Alexis Chuck, Mary Chou, Caitlin L. Kelleher -


Euterpea Studio Concert

In 2015 I hosted a computer music concert at the Euterpea Studio at Yale. You can see an article on the performance.


Instamirror was a interactive art installation presented at the GLS 9.0 art show at University of Madison, Wisconsin. Read a summary of the work or the full proceedings of the conference.


89 is a collaboration with artist Ioanida Costache inspired by John Cage's exploration of chance operations and Bach's Chaccone from Partita № 2. A web space is dedicated to the creation process of this work. The piece was presented Nov. 15 - Dec. 20, 2012 at the Convergency/Divergency Gallery Show at Los Medanos College in California.


Isosteeple was a sound art installation funded by the Amherst College Copeland Colloquium "Art in Place and the Place of Art". The installation was centered around interaction audio sampling by use of motion detection. Read a review.