Mark Santolucito

I am a Computer Science PhD candidate working on Program Synthesis and Computer Music at Yale, where I am advised by Ruzica Piskac. I develop program synthesis and analysis techniques to provide programmers new ways to interface with code.

  • TF Yale - Spring 2018
    CPSC432/MUSIC428, Computer Music Sound Synthesis
  • Visiting Scholar - Spring 2015 - Lecturer for three courses at Geumgang University, South Korea.
    1. Computer Music,
    2. Intro to CS,
    3. Object-Oriented Programming.
  • TF Yale - Fall 2015
    CPSC134/MUSIC372, Programming Musical Applications
  • TF Yale - Spring 2015 CPSC431, Algorithmic and Heuristic Composition.
  • TF Yale - Fall 2014
    CPSC112, Intro to Android App Development
  • TA Amherst - Fall 2011-Spring 2013
    CS111, CS112

Fun links

An introduction to the lambda calculus here

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