Mark Santolucito

I am a PhD student in the Dept. of Computer Science at Yale in the C2 (Creative Consilience) program. My advisor is Ruzica Piskac, and my research focus is Program Synthesis and Computer Music.

  • TF Yale - Spring 2018
    CPSC432/MUSIC428, Computer Music Sound Synthesis
  • Visiting Scholar - Spring 2015 - Lecturer for three courses at Geumgang University, South Korea.
    1. Computer Music,
    2. Intro to CS,
    3. Object-Oriented Programming.
  • TF Yale - Fall 2015
    CPSC134/MUSIC372, Programming Musical Applications
  • TF Yale - Spring 2015 CPSC431, Algorithmic and Heuristic Composition.
  • TF Yale - Fall 2014
    CPSC112, Intro to Android App Development
  • TA Amherst - Fall 2011-Spring 2013
    CS111, CS112

Fun links

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