Mark Santolucito

I am a Computer Science PhD candidate working on Program Synthesis and Computer Music at Yale, where I am advised by Ruzica Piskac. I develop program synthesis and analysis techniques to provide programmers new ways to interface with code.

I am excited to be joining Barnard College in Fall 2020 as a tenure-track Assistant Professor.


Mark Santolucito is a Computer Science PhD student at Yale University, where he is studying verification and programming languages with Ruzica Piskac. Mark started at Yale under the supervision of Paul Hudak, working on interactive computer music and Functional Reactive Programming (FRP). Mark is now working with Ruzica Piskac on various forms of program synthesis. His dissertation focuses on the learning specifications for complex, unstructured languages such as database configuration files and continuous integration configurations, and Infrastructure as Code. He has also worked on synthesis of FRP programs from logical specifications that describe safety and security properties. Recently, he has extended synthesis to Digital Signal Processing domains for application in computer music. Mark graduated Cum Laude from Amherst College with a BA in both Computer Science and Music, where he was awarded the Best Computer Science Thesis Award, in addition to the Lerner Piano Prize upon graduation. Contact at mark.santolucito *at*