Mark Santolucito

I am a PhD student in the Dept. of Computer Science at Yale in the C2 (Creative Consilience) program. My advisor is Ruzica Piskac, and my research focus is Program Synthesis and Computer Music.


Mark Santolucito is a Computer Science PhD student at Yale University, where he is studying programming languages with Ruzica Piskac. his recent work has focused on automatic program synthesis and programming-by-example in Haskell. These technologies help new programmers start making real programs more quickly and easily. Previously, hs had worked with Paul Hudak at Yale prior to his passing. This reserach focused on Functional Reactive Programming, a new paradigm for building interactive systems. Mark also graduated Cum Laude from Amherst College with a BA in both Computer Science and Music, where he was awarded the Best Computer Science Thesis Award in addition to the Lerner Piano Prize upon graduation. Contact me at mark.santolucito *at*