Lab 4 - Live Coding (12 pts)

This lab should be turned in on Canvas by Monday Midnight (AoE).

Make a video recording of yourself live coding. You may use any live coding language listed here:

Other languages may be used, but check with me first.

During your performance, you must:

The performance must last at least 10 mins. The recording should include both recorded computer audio (directly from your soundcard - not a recording from your phone of your laptop speakers) and a screencast of your code as it evolves.


Live coding is an improvisatory practice, but that does not mean it is without preparation. Plan your piece ahead of time - have goals posts and/or a general sounds you will achieve throughout the piece planned out.


8 points will be awarded for uploading a video of your code, with sound recorded directly from the computer. 4 points will be awarded based on the subjective evaluation of how well your performance embodies the Live Code Manifesto. I recommend you spend at least 4 hours practicing live coding ahead of your recorded performance.

Making mistakes during your performance is okay. This is live improvisatory work - it should not be perfect. It should however communicate that you have adequately prepared.